Best Photography Schools in the United States

Photography has become the most lucrative profession for creative students. They decide to choose it as a profession and take admission in photography school to get their hobby turn into profession. Photography schools give you professional knowledge about the skills included in photography and the chances of getting hired with better salary prospects becomes brighter.

Wildlife photography is a type of photography related with documenting different forms of wildlife in their natural habitat. the best example for wildlife photography is french bulldogs habitual life in domestic homes.

There are many top photography schools in the US, which have great reputation and students from different states choose them to get best knowledge of photography with better chances of getting hired.

Best Photography Schools in the United States

The New York Institute of Photography: It is a renowned center from past many years. It ranks #1 for the largest photography schools in the world. As the name suggests, it is located in New York and there are over 20K students in the institute for different courses.

Boston University: Center for Digital Imaging Arts is the department in Boston University giving certifications for basic photography skills along with managerial abilities of students to handle various tasks.

The American Intercontinental University: This University has the topmost photography school in the US. There are various campuses of this university spread across different states and it offers online as well as conventional study courses. It includes professional photography courses and ideas.

Brooks Institute of Photography: This institute is specialized for photography education and includes 4 UG programs; including professional photography and visual communication.

The International Academy of Design & Technology: The academy offers degree courses on photography. It is a professional course meant for teaching the usage of high-end cameras in industry. It is meant for the people looking forward to get portrait or wedding photography with sophisticated software/cameras.

The Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology: The students get photography courses in this institute and there are different courses designed for commercial or professional photography courses.

Harrington College of Design: This College is the best for doing digital photography courses.

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